Trading and entertainment center BIG


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p>Shopping and recreation center “BIG” - the biggest shopping center in the seaport town. General trade area of the shopping center occupying approximately 4-hectare territory is 20.9 thousand sq. m. Parking lot for 650 places is equipped nearby. “Iki” store of 3,200 square meters – the biggest “Iki” network store in Lithuania - is located in the shopping center. “Sarma”, “Kristiana”, and “Drogas” beauty stores, clothes and shoe stores “Sportline”, “Vero Moda”, “E-5 Mode”, “Dzinsu centras”, “Danija”, and other traders’ stores are located in the shopping center. The center also includes recreational sites, bowling place, and children’s room.

Exterior of the shopping center was designed considering specificity of Klaipeda. It has quite a number of accents of the seaport town: red bricks used in construction, natural clay strip is decorating the building, and the shed with its supporting warps system represents the ship.

While designing “BIG” the needs of the residents of the surrounding neighborhood were considered. A part of car parking lot was reveted with woodblocks, electricity was installed here. For special events this zone is planned to be fenced and used as a public space for local societal festivals and meetings. A scene can be installed and concerts can be organized here.